Photo Sessions Available

I am looking to gain more experience and expand what I do in different areas of photography and media, as well as continue to build my portfolio.
I have done
~family portraits,
~engagement sessions,
~events & concerts,
~head shots,
~some weddings I’ve attended (not as actual photographer)
Since I am still learning and trying to get more experience, I’m not setting an official price but rather a suggested donation of $50. This includes the following:
-Photo Sessions would be approximately 1 hour (can be longer, depending on what you would want to do) ,
-I will edit and colour correct the photos.
-I will provide a digital copy of all the photos.
-I will also post the best photos from the session on my blog and provide the link for you to share with your friends and family (especially those without facebook.)
**For an additional $15, I can create a special message with an image (image and message/greeting/saying selected by you). This is a great option for Christmas cards or just a general family update.

I am pretty flexible as to location, but would be limited to the Saint John & surrounding area (grand Bay, KV/Quispamsis). I’m open to places further away, but I would prefer some gas compensation.

If you have any questions as to what type of photos you would like and more specifically what I can do, feel free to send me an email. I currently just have a blog page and Facebook site, where you can check out some of my work.

_MG_1418 _MG_1681 Favourite Shots of Zambia Favourite Shots of Zambia Favourite Shots of Zambia Favourite Shots of Zambia Favourite Shots of Zambia Four Years of Memories It's Show Time! It's Show Time! It's Show Time! Laura Laura Laura Laura It's Show Time! Photo Fundraisers For Peru Dance Dance Daisy._MG_7824

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A Quick Update

Hello Everyone!

Greetings from Lima!  So my hope was to finally get a few pictures and stories up here so you all have a chance to know what has been happening here.  Sadly the internet is touchy with so many people trying to use it all the time, and wordpress is not working very well and won’t even let me upload media.  So if you are on Facebook you can visit my page as I was able to add some low res version of my pictures tonight.



So after I started writing, wordpress rethought the whole idea of not working:)



_MG_2462 _MG_2675 _MG_3296 _MG_3356 _MG_3708 _MG_3709 _MG_3768 IMG_3046

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Photoshop Touch for iPad & Peru

Testing the WordPress app for the ipad and thought this photo was a good one to try. I took it with my iPhone a few weeks ago while I was waiting to be picked up at the Digby ferry terminal. It was an absolutely gorgeous morning and the water in the harbour was so peaceful as I looked out toward Partridge Island. I also decided to use the photo as I tested out the Photoshop Touch app for iPad and play around with some filters.

I also wanted to mention that I’ll be heading to Peru in two weeks. Still lots to do to get ready. I’ll be trying to post some photos each day with an update on how my team (Go Team 3!) is making out. So be sure to follow along.


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Ally & Scott


I had a lovely time photographing Ally & Scott back in March.  I have to say that they looked so cute together, and the whole time everything was very natural. Also loved being able help them incorporate some of their nautical wedding theme into some of the pictures as Market Square and the Boardwalk was such a perfect place.

_MG_7681 _MG_7676 _MG_7686 _MG_7688 _MG_7690 _MG_7693 _MG_7700 _MG_7706 _MG_7710 _MG_7716 _MG_7713 _MG_7732 _MG_7740 _MG_7758 _MG_7770 _MG_7823 _MG_7805 _MG_7812 _MG_7824 _MG_7826 _MG_7829 _MG_7845 _MG_7846 _MG_7847 _MG_7855 _MG_7865 _MG_7870 _MG_7900 IMG_7841 IMG_7884

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Unity Park

This past Wednesday I decided that it was way too nice to do my usual P90X workout indoors so I decided to go for  5km-ish bike ride and brought my new camera along. This was the half-way point/rest during my ride, and it really is gorgeous.  I’m always passing by and it has been years since I’ve walked through the small little park. Lighting was a little bit of an issue as it was so bright, but it certainly was a chance to learn to adapt.




















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Peru Fundraising Update

Just to give everyone an update as to where I am at with fundraising, I have to send in $483.25 USD (when i get the money order it amounts to around $490 approximately) at the beginning of every month. So right now I have 4 payments left, one of which coming up so I would naturally need to get it sent off pretty soon. I have figured it out that it would only take 20 people to give $25 and I would have just a few dollars more than what I need for this payment.  It would be even super awesome if I could get this all in by Monday, the 28th.  (We serve a miraculous God, right?

USA friends: you can go directly to this site: (Canadians can do this too but you won’t receive a tax receipt as a Canadian donor. and down at the bottom under Donation details it says “general fund” click on that menu and select “missionary” and then type my name in. (and send me a quick message letting me know how much.

Both Canadian & USA friends: Interested in support me and getting some awesome shirts in return? Head over to and under the “apparel” tab you can select what shirt you would like and when filling out the checkout form make sure to write my name under who you would like to sponsor. and again send me a quick message.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Trusting that the Lord will provide.

Also for those of you on Facebook, I have created an fundraising event called Smiles for Peru.  Below is a description for the fundraiser:

As a fundraiser, an idea that someone mentioned was to get people to buy smiles. How this works is that if someone was to buy or sponsor 10 smiles for $1 each, while I’m in Peru, I will take 10 portraits of 10 different children and edit them and give the photos to the sponsor, as a reminder to pray for those specific Children.

For those within the Saint John, and surrounding areas, I will print them and get them to you after I return home from Peru. Those further away, I will send you digital copies.

To do this, you can send the money to me directly via mail or in person OR you can donate online at

This will be an ongoing fundraiser right up until I go to Peru.  All of my money has to be in by April 15th, but I will continue to fundraise after that date as initially I was paying out of my own pocket to meet the payment deadlines.


Thank You

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{Peru Photo Sessions} ~ The Doiron Family

Well as mentioned in a pervious post, I decided that I would do mini photo sessions as a fundraiser for Peru giving me the opportunity to get some practice taking pictures.  My first session was with the Doiron family.  It was really a spur of the moment idea and was super excited when only a day after I put the ad on Kijiji, I got a response.  It was fun.  I was nervous as I had never done anything official other than shots for the Yearbook at Kingswood and my fear was that they would high expectations that I could not fulfill being someone just getting started.  It worked out great because they were new to the whole family photo shoot thing too.  It was a first time for both of us and we are both so happy with the results.  Hope you enjoy.


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Having Fun In The Park.




One afternoon while there was a few minutes to spare while we waited for my sister (mommy) to get off work, Avery wanted to run around in the park and found a small brand with some dead leaves still attached and decided it would be fun to chase after me with the stick.  It was a beautiful fall day and I just happened to have my camera in the truck and below is the result of some fun with little Miss Boo.  She also at one point decided that my hair needed to be brushed with the stick:) Gotta love the imagination of a little girl.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


ImageImageImagen inImageImage

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I’m Going to Peru…Want to Help Me Get There?

Dear Friends and Family,

            I thank the Lord for the exciting opportunity I have to go to Peru for three weeks with Never The Same Missions, and Big World Ventures.

            The trip begins June 29 with training in Miami.  I’ll be learning how to be a leader and mentor to the participating teens as well as learning foreign language phrases, and cultural sensitivity.  From Miami, we’ll fly to Lima on July 4.

            Each day we’ll be ministering to people through a drama in parks, orphanages, schools, neighborhoods and churches.  After each drama presentation, we’ll have the opportunity to share one-on-one with the locals and lead them to Jesus with the help of volunteers from local churches.  These local church representatives will get each convert’s name and address for follow-up and discipleship. Also we will be doing work projects along side local churches.  When I went to Lima, Peru in 2006, and in 2008, God did some pretty amazing things in my life and the members of my teams.  More specifically, it was in Peru where receive the call to cross cultural ministry.

            What is different about this year is that I will be going as a Leader and will be able to mentor the teens participating in the trip and gain some brief experience in youth ministry in addition to the global ministry experience. I will also have an opportunity to stay for an additional week, where I will travel with a smaller group to Cusco, Peru, and do ministry there.  The people of Peru are very friendly and they warmly accept the ministry and service projects we do for them.  

            I believe that God has given me this opportunity to return to Peru and put into practice what I have learned during the past four years at Kingswood University, and share the message of Jesus Christ with them, and he also given me a responsibility to guide young people as they minister and learn and experience what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  However, I must raise approximately $4866 in American Funds. This will cover the cost of the international flight (Miami to Peru and back), lodging, three meals a day and transportation within the country, as well as flights between Saint John and Miami. The money needs to be raised by April 15th. This is a scary amount to look at but I know that God is faithful to provide.

            I’d like to give you the opportunity to support me in this endeavor and to be a part of the life-changing experience, both to me, the students, and the people of Lima and Cusco.  Because Big World Ventures (facilitator of trip) is an American company, it cannot give tax receipts back to donators who donate in Canadian funds.  I apologize for this. There are multiple ways to donate.  You can simply send me the money and I will forward it on to Big World.  Two new options are by donating online at and selecting “Missionary” under program and including my name so the money goes to my account., or you can also go to where you can purchase a t-shirt (a new shirt is available each month) and include my name in the checkout.

 If you are willing and able to commit to either supporting me through prayer or supporting me financially, please reply as soon as possible and thank you very much.  Any financial support would be greatly appreciated.

 Venturing in Faith,


 Shelagh Murphy

23 Pine Ave, Grand Bay-Westfield, NB  E5K 2P3

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Thank You

Thank you for supporting me!

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